Sandpit at Hide and Seek 2008

The Sandpit is an ongoing project, but the peak of its activity comes with the Hide and Seek Festival, where the best of the games that have been developed over the year run parallel with commissioned non-Sandpit games. In 2008, 13 of the festival's 25 games came out of the Sandpit. Andy Field's Checkpoint, for example, where players disassemble a living room and try to smuggle it past border guards.

A player runs up some stairs carrying a blackboard.
Checkpoint, photographed by Alex Simmons

Kevan Davis's Hand to Hand, a game of challenges and card-collecting, set players sneaking, chasing, following each other around, desperately looking for sticks, standing very still with their eyes closed, following each other around, and pelting along the riverbank.

Two players exchange cards in the sun.
Hand to Hand, photographed by Alex Simmons

Halal Kebab Hut's Freemasons combined kazoos, conducting and percussion in a game of cycling roles and music-making; the Fun Fed brought an hour of ordered chaos and quick-moving fun; Gethan Dick built a boardgame.

Five people sitting around a table and drawing.
Gethan builds a boardgame