Trap Street

Trap Street is an ambient game: an installation that sits in place for a few hours or a few days, and is built up gradually by players following a ruleset. In this case, players are building up a map — but not a very reliable one.

A table with children around it, and a large felt map on the wall behind.
Trap Street in the Clore Ballroom

A "trap street" is a small imaginary street added to a map by cartographers, so that they can catch their competitors out if their maps get copied. In Trap Street the game, players add two things to a growing map of their city: one true thing, and one lie. They also use red and green stickers to judge other additions.

Close-up of the felt map, showing Battersea Power Station.
Close-up partway through the weekend.

Players return later to see if they managed to make anyone else fall into their trap, believing their lie or disbelieving their truth.